Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Well I really and truly apologize for not posting more regularly. And because of this I just had to write a little note to explain our absence.

No, it is not because we no longer sew, or are un-interested in historical costuming. It's quite the opposite actually! Bascha has been sewing as always, she just never gets around to posting. She made a lovely dress with a full circle skirt actually just last week. She's also getting ready to do a stash overhaul and sewing room organization project, and has been volunteering at Latta. So she's still into it :) No worries there :)

I've been busy too :) I did a project/stash/area overhaul and got everything gone through and organized. It looks great :) I also took a pattern drafting class that went for a month and it was AWESOME. I've been making my own patterns, and have a dress and a blouse coming up to show you that I've been working on. And I've also been plugging away at an Edwardian ensemble, which, though it is not coming along as fast as I'd like, it's still coming. All the fabrics and notions needed for my corset are laid out on my sewing table down stairs and my corset mock-up is complete. One of the main reasons it's seeming to form itself slowly is the amount of research I've been doing before I begin to sew. I don't really know much about Edwardian clothing and it's construction so I'm starting from the ground up. But there is a little update for ya'll, just to show you we are still here and sewing and loving it :D And I hope to get some more posts up for you shortly!

Much love,