Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chemise a la Reine Pt. II

Dear readers, if you're even still reading, I apologize for the sporadic postings on here. And for my negligence to comment on your blogs. Time flies, and I've been busy, very busy lately. And I haven't been on the computer to check blogs in so long I'm actually a little scared to open up bloglovin and see the now hundreds probably, of posts I've yet to read and comment on O.o But Here's a post with a few pictures of me wearing the chemise dress I made for my grandma to wear to the Historical Ball. (previous post).

The difference is that I"m wearing stays. And the sash is a much wider ribbon. Everything else is the same. Oh, and I made a chatelaine. I'm not sure exactly how period correct it is (probably not very much so), but it went with the general idea, looked pretty, and I'm pretty sure the visitors at the event had no idea :P

my new white stays that I made to wear to the ball.

Bascha made a new dress, and it's so perfect, even the stripes on the shoulders line up exactly with the stripes on the bodice.  
Bascha looking lovely as ever :) 

I've got to say, this dress made me feel soooo pretty. It was like I was some sort of fairy, literally. I know I might not get another opportunity to wear the chemise dress, at least not for a while, but I'm glad I have it to wear again when the occasion arises. On our way home from the event I had to run into Food Lion to get some bacon. It's always so fun to go into places while still in costume :P

Hopefully I'll get back on my blogging feet again soon, but I can't make any promises :P