Our First Revolutionary War Outfits
Our First RevWar Outfits
Bascha&Theresa 1775
Jackets are made using the JP Ryan pattern.  For petticoats and aprons we drafted our own patterns.  Neckerchiefs are made with no pattern.  Caps are made from the Carolina Stitches In Time pattern, which is sadly out of print. :( Stays are made from the full boned strapless stay pattern from JP Ryan .

Here are a few completed projects, click on the title to bring you to the blog post.
-RevWar Era
1770's Linen Gown

The Blog Petticoat and Stomacher


Quilted Bum Pad

Men's Shirt

Robe a la Francaise

The Ball

2013-1940's Era
Suspender Skirts

Red Rayon Revamp

A Simple Sweater

Oregano Ballgown

Redbud Ballgown

Periwinkle Party Frock

Pink Circle Skirt

-Edwardian Era
TV Hip Pad

- Civil War Era
Bascha's Corset

Caroline's Corset

Swiss Waist

Plaid Homespun Dress

Caroline's Striped Calico Dress

Stephen's Homespun Shirt

Toddler Tunics

Straw Bonnet

Pink Quilted Sunbonnet Blue Quilted Sunbonnet

Tucked Petticoat

Wool Shawl

-Regency Era
Federalist Dress

Pin Tuck Apron

Half Boots


Gingham Work/Day Dress

1780's Garters

Wool Tailcoat

Embroidered Pantalets

Short Stays

Hair Tutorial 

-Modern Misc
Vintage Inspired Summer Maxi

Gray Peplum

Striped Peplum

Ruched Bathing Suit

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