Monday, September 29, 2014

Regency Curls Tutorial

A turban with some curly fringe is my go to regency era hairstyle. It's pretty easy, and doesn't take much work because all you really do is sleep with curlers, take them out and then bam! ready to go! The first two pictures is what my tutorial would have looked like if I had let the curls dry all the way before I took them out. The photos from the actual tutorial are at the bottom, and because several of the curls were damp, they got tucked up into the turban. :P I typically do a center part, because that seems to be what most fashion plates and paintings depict. I've done a side part before though, because I'm lazy, and partly because my hair just, like does NOT want to center part. :) 

So to start, part the front of my hair, from right behind me ears all the way across. 

Then I dampen it (don't soak! Or you will have damp curls by morning! lol) and add some gel and or mousse. I buy most all of my hair products at Walmart. 
my bathroom has horrible lighting. I'm sorry! 
Then I sectioned my hair into somewhat small sections to be rolled.

The foam rollers are from Dollar General, size "medium". They looked like size small to me, which was good. I'm not really sure there's a certain way I roll them...typically any which way, but I try to make them vertical so it will make ringlets. 

 Then I go to bed. When I wake up, I spritz the rolls with hairspray. Then I unwind them all and coat them with hairspray. I have like regular hairspray, and then the arisol kind. I don't favor one over the other and will use which ever one is closest.
 And then I wrap my wool scarf (it's a lovely soft lightweight scarf, I've got a red one, and then mama has an olive coloured one) around my head like a turban, and keep the curls out!



  1. This is a great tutorial! I love the way your curls turned out and your beautiful turbans are expertly wound! Well done!

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  3. Oh my goodness, Theresa! You are beautiful! and you pull off Regency hairdos so well! I think I'd look kind of like.. eh? lol So pretty! and you really do do a good job! complete agreement with Gina! :D


    1. Thanks Ruth! You are always so sweet and encouraging :P

  4. your hair looks lovely! and i'm so glad to see you were able to do this with long hair. my hair is now about that length and i've been worrying about if it will make nice curls for regency. it worked so well when i had short hair! but your curls look perfect :)

    1. Yes, it is possible with long hair! I tend to think almost anything is possible with lots and lots of hairspray though ;P Thank you!