Monday, September 30, 2013


I've pretty much just discovered what Google+ is.  I knew our blog came with one, but I never knew how to get to it, or how it worked.  I'm still in the midst of figuring it out now, but I know at least enough to get it started.

Almost as soon as I started messing around with it, I had this idea about it and our blog.  One of my most favorite costumers (actually probably my favorite :)), Merji, has a Live Journal and a blog.  She uses her LJ as a "progress blog" where she posts things like "bought fabric for such and such dress" or "haven't worked on this in a while, but this is what I'm doing", or "my dress is almost finished" and so on.  It's a way to keep people updated, and it has a bit more of a "comfortable" (I'm not really sure what word to use here...having a mental blank) atmosphere, like you could chime in DURING the process, and not just afterward.   Merji also has her main blog, where she posts stunning photos of her finished items, and gives the run-down, as well as maybe a few inside pics.  Maybe it's just because I really like her and the way she does things, but I think that's a fabulous idea.  Two blogs.

Here on Two Teen Seamstresses, we have tried pretty hard to just post finished projects.  Bascha and I thought it might get confusing if we were both doing lots of posts of things we were in the midst of making.  It would be kind of hard to keep track of who was buying what, and making what, and learning about what.  And we haven't done any rants either :) (IMO, a rant is a long blog post with no pictures.  IMO, this would be considered a rant...I'm ranting about Google+ and how much I think I'm going to like it :D)  By blogging this way, it's like you're only seeing the outside of our sewing world (parts of the inside, but not a ton), but I'm hoping that soon, you can see the inside too.  So we're turning our Google+ into a second blog sort of, to keep you in the loop between the stitches of the finished things we post here.  This way, if we find a really good fabric buy and want to take a pic and tell you about it, we could.  If we were half finished with a dress, or had just made it over a milestone, we could tell you about it, right then.  We could make a photo album of inspiration pictures for an upcoming dress to share with you.  And you would comment and tell us what you think the whole way through the project, which will be cool too :).

I am so non-tech savvy, I don't even know how to get to our Google+, so I'll just post the link I use HERE for ya'll to click as well :).  Hope that works. :P  I don't know exactly how you'll be able to follow our "blog" over there, but I think you could just bookmark the page if that is how you follow anyway, or maybe add us to your circle and then you'll get emails....however you want I guess.  I've also added it to our blog list on the right hand column of this blog.  It says it won't update it how it does the other blogs, but you could check it that way if you wanted.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Sewing Nest :)

I wish I could end this period of my blogging silence with like, a huge post(s) of completed of right now I actual having nothing to show! :O.  You can be expecting great things from Bascha on the other hand! :). 

As of sewing projects I'm working on currently. Modern. :(  Mama says I need to make myself some shirts that fit before I continue on with the historical stuff.  Right now I'm draping/drafting peplum shirts....who knew they were so hard???? I probably won't do a blog post on those shirts once they're done since this is a historical sewing blog, unless you readers want me too.  Tis up to you :).  Tell me in the comments if you would like to see those as well or not.

But after I finish the peplum shirts, I'll be finishing up my RevWar short gown, making Ann-Marie's plaid 1860's dress (I cant wait!!!!), and then a new CW corset is in dire needs of being made for myself, as well as an entire regency outfit.  So hopefully you'll see me again soon :) 

Since I feel bad though, not posting, I thought I'd at least show you something.  And now that you've seen what I sew, I thought maybe you might like to see where I sew :).  And the almost NEVER looks like this.  I'm too embarrassed at the moment to go downstairs and take a picture of how it looks for real though.  To say the least, it's a mess.  A big mess. :P

My sewing nest is downstairs in our recently finished basement.  I never really sewed much before then so this is my first designated area.  It's actually very organized, though sometimes I hardly think so!

Me in my sewing area

my sewing machine!!!! :D

all of its 99 stitches

our ribbon holder

our handy dandy-color cordinated thread holder

we have 3 magnetic pin cushions and two plastic boxes of pins
If you notice the lovely old iron (I don't think it's old enough to be considered "vintage" yet but still, I like it), it works great.  I was at Latta not too long ago, and I tried to iron with a brand-spankin' new iron and I was at a loss of how to work the thing. My iron is simple.  You turn it on. Choices are, hot, hotter, and hottest :D.  And if you want steam, then you just wet your fabric yourself.
my mom's sewing machine and the serger.  This is "Caroline's desk" for when she sews,
and if the boys come down to sew, they sit in that chair too.

don't ya love the sign? my mom made it :P

this is how I organize my patterns

each time period has a different colored folder

and on the inside along with the pattern pieces I keep notes
and other helpful stuffs

my mending pile...mainly boys pants and shirts

this is how I keep my scraps together...or projects.  each is in a bag
with a label like "linen for caroline's revwar gown" or "green sheet scraps"

the real fabric stash :D

the whole area....almost...

and a bonus-this is how we store most of our re-enacting stuff.  My
mom might disagree though....I have a enormous pile of clothes and dishes,
hats and shoes, notebooks and a basket next to my bed.  cheese! :)  She just bought me a bunch of totes as well....

What are your sewing areas like?  Do you have a little nook that you've turned into a sewing nest?  A room?  Is it part of your bedroom? Your basement?

~Theresa :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

For Ruth....

Happy Birthday Ruth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you had a great day!!! :D


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Regency Tailcoat

Hello everyone!!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while. :P  Here is a Regency outfit I made for Abraham to wear to Latta and to a homeschool Regency Ball this last April.  Haha, the top hat is from Party City. :P  

 I love his smile in this one! <3

This tailcoat was the hardest article of clothing I have ever made. :O  It was so finicky.  I had to make two mock-ups before I got it right.  My biggest problem was fitting the armhole.  It was two sizes to big! I so wanted it to fit Abe just right.  I actually went to a fellow sewer and asked her for help, she was the one that suggested that the armhole was to big.  So after adjusting the armhole by two sizes and shorting the back by 1-2 inches and shortening the sleeves by a little bit, I was finally able to make the final product! I was so nervous I was going to make a mistake when I cut into my pricey wool.  But in the end I think it turned out pretty good and I think Abe really likes it as well. ;)

I made his breeches from a pair of white pants from the thrift. I just chopped the bottom part of the leg off  hemmed it to below his knee, put a button on it and voila!! :)

His cotton waistcoat was very simple.  It was all the buttons and button holes that took the longest.  Also all of the buttons on the waistcoat and tailcoat are cloth covered.  I believe there are 10 (?) buttons on the waistcoat.

Aha! There are his lovely boots that I found at Goodwill!!! <3 I was so happy when we found them.  We had been searching for a pair of Regency shoes for Abe for a long while, and came across these beauties while searching for material. :D

This is the only photo I have of the back of Abe's tailcoat. :P  My mom took this photo while we were at the Ball last April, which was a ton of fun!  Sometime I will have to do another blog post on my Regency ball gown.