Saturday, September 14, 2013

Regency Tailcoat

Hello everyone!!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while. :P  Here is a Regency outfit I made for Abraham to wear to Latta and to a homeschool Regency Ball this last April.  Haha, the top hat is from Party City. :P  

 I love his smile in this one! <3

This tailcoat was the hardest article of clothing I have ever made. :O  It was so finicky.  I had to make two mock-ups before I got it right.  My biggest problem was fitting the armhole.  It was two sizes to big! I so wanted it to fit Abe just right.  I actually went to a fellow sewer and asked her for help, she was the one that suggested that the armhole was to big.  So after adjusting the armhole by two sizes and shorting the back by 1-2 inches and shortening the sleeves by a little bit, I was finally able to make the final product! I was so nervous I was going to make a mistake when I cut into my pricey wool.  But in the end I think it turned out pretty good and I think Abe really likes it as well. ;)

I made his breeches from a pair of white pants from the thrift. I just chopped the bottom part of the leg off  hemmed it to below his knee, put a button on it and voila!! :)

His cotton waistcoat was very simple.  It was all the buttons and button holes that took the longest.  Also all of the buttons on the waistcoat and tailcoat are cloth covered.  I believe there are 10 (?) buttons on the waistcoat.

Aha! There are his lovely boots that I found at Goodwill!!! <3 I was so happy when we found them.  We had been searching for a pair of Regency shoes for Abe for a long while, and came across these beauties while searching for material. :D

This is the only photo I have of the back of Abe's tailcoat. :P  My mom took this photo while we were at the Ball last April, which was a ton of fun!  Sometime I will have to do another blog post on my Regency ball gown.



  1. OH BEAUTIFUL! (don't tell Abe I said that! LOL) It's really nice, Bascha! Now I wish we were doing a Regency picnic! lol Except I wouldn't have anything to wear... So fun! That coat is wonderful! You went together? Nice.



    1. So sorry... I forgot to add that it looks like he likes it! ... and... it must have taken you hours... and his boots are looking nice... and his breeches are too... the top hat's a nice make-do... and let's watch the Scarlet Pimpernell! LOL Super good job!

      Love ya'!

  2. Thank you Ruth! :) You are a sweet heart for saying such sweet things. Yes, my mom, Abe, and the Wilson family all went together. It was a ton of fun!! Maybe this year we can all attend together! ;) That would mean a whole year of sewing projects for you to outfit your entire family. And if you would like I can make you a Regency gown? I know you sew too, but I would be happy to make you one!! If not, I understand wanting to make your own.;)

    I love the Scarlet Pimpernell!!! My favorite movie is the one where Leslie Howard plays Percy. I have read the book twice and watched the movie several times!! <3


  3. I LOVE LESLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol yeah... I don't think we'd ALL be going! lol that would prolly be more than half the party! ROFL so yeah... maybe I can outfit Joe with a suit... He'd prolly think he looked hot in it! LOL that would be fun!

    Hmmmm... my OWN Regency ball gown?! lol Don't you have projects of your own right now? So sweet of you to offer... I don't want to impose... that is so very inviting... if it could be done... ROFL


  4. Oh my goodness, that's a swanky tailcoat! I'm also digging the long, flowing Saint-Just style locks. got to love men who love their hair! And the boots go awfully well, too.

  5. Like Abe says "It takes a real man to wear a kilt and to wear his hair long and in a pony-tail." For it does take real bravery. Haha we do have some French in us! I really like his hair and the fact that he likes to dress historically!! <3