Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Sewing Nest :)

I wish I could end this period of my blogging silence with like, a huge post(s) of completed of right now I actual having nothing to show! :O.  You can be expecting great things from Bascha on the other hand! :). 

As of sewing projects I'm working on currently. Modern. :(  Mama says I need to make myself some shirts that fit before I continue on with the historical stuff.  Right now I'm draping/drafting peplum shirts....who knew they were so hard???? I probably won't do a blog post on those shirts once they're done since this is a historical sewing blog, unless you readers want me too.  Tis up to you :).  Tell me in the comments if you would like to see those as well or not.

But after I finish the peplum shirts, I'll be finishing up my RevWar short gown, making Ann-Marie's plaid 1860's dress (I cant wait!!!!), and then a new CW corset is in dire needs of being made for myself, as well as an entire regency outfit.  So hopefully you'll see me again soon :) 

Since I feel bad though, not posting, I thought I'd at least show you something.  And now that you've seen what I sew, I thought maybe you might like to see where I sew :).  And the almost NEVER looks like this.  I'm too embarrassed at the moment to go downstairs and take a picture of how it looks for real though.  To say the least, it's a mess.  A big mess. :P

My sewing nest is downstairs in our recently finished basement.  I never really sewed much before then so this is my first designated area.  It's actually very organized, though sometimes I hardly think so!

Me in my sewing area

my sewing machine!!!! :D

all of its 99 stitches

our ribbon holder

our handy dandy-color cordinated thread holder

we have 3 magnetic pin cushions and two plastic boxes of pins
If you notice the lovely old iron (I don't think it's old enough to be considered "vintage" yet but still, I like it), it works great.  I was at Latta not too long ago, and I tried to iron with a brand-spankin' new iron and I was at a loss of how to work the thing. My iron is simple.  You turn it on. Choices are, hot, hotter, and hottest :D.  And if you want steam, then you just wet your fabric yourself.
my mom's sewing machine and the serger.  This is "Caroline's desk" for when she sews,
and if the boys come down to sew, they sit in that chair too.

don't ya love the sign? my mom made it :P

this is how I organize my patterns

each time period has a different colored folder

and on the inside along with the pattern pieces I keep notes
and other helpful stuffs

my mending pile...mainly boys pants and shirts

this is how I keep my scraps together...or projects.  each is in a bag
with a label like "linen for caroline's revwar gown" or "green sheet scraps"

the real fabric stash :D

the whole area....almost...

and a bonus-this is how we store most of our re-enacting stuff.  My
mom might disagree though....I have a enormous pile of clothes and dishes,
hats and shoes, notebooks and a basket next to my bed.  cheese! :)  She just bought me a bunch of totes as well....

What are your sewing areas like?  Do you have a little nook that you've turned into a sewing nest?  A room?  Is it part of your bedroom? Your basement?

~Theresa :)


  1. I want to see your peplum shirts, this blog doesnt say anything about historical sewing! :D its called two teen seamstresses, so anything you want can go up! :D My room! lol I sew everything in my room! :D MESSY! lol


    1. Lol, in our blog title it says "Our sewing diary: May 18th, 1775-September 20th, 1945" so I suppose that would mean historical. :P

      And alrighty, that's one vote for putting the peplums up. Thanks for telling us about your sewing room, I can't imagine sewing in my room! You must be very talented to manage that! :)

  2. I would really like to see the peplum shirts, Theresa! You always make something nice when you are creative ;-) I didn't know that you mum had made that sign - I love it!

    Your sewing area make me look back at the memories I have from America! I would love to come back :-) I like to read your blog! Keep blogging ;-) I will start blogging soon, hehe.

    1. Peplum Shirt #1 is finished and will soon be posted :). I would love for you to come back to America! You could stay at my house this time :) I am following your blog again Marie :D It's making me wish I was in Norway!

  3. Put it up on blogs you're following, Theresa! I'd love to follow it, too! :D