Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our First Roba a la Francaise

First up of all the gowns to be posted about specifically is my robe a la francaise. Here's the quick stats. 

Made the evening before the ball. Record time! (I had trimmed the petticoat before) Draped by Bascha, sewed by me. 10 yards of taffeta ordered off of eBay. Total cost $60. The most expensive thing I've ever made haha! (Thankfully Mom's dress cost $11, and Ann Marie's cost $2 so :D :D :D) Machine sewn. 

We didn't really encounter any problems during the draping or sewing of the dress, I'd say it went very smoothly actually. Which was awesome! :D And I am THRILLED with how the back pleats look, way better than I ever imagined! And I could feel it flow out behind me when I walked which was pretty fun too :). 

Yes there was a ship in my hair, it was a birthday present from my younger sister Caroline, painted by me. We had a "ship wreck" in the parking lot where it detached itself from the top of my head and smashed to the ground. Thankfully my wonderful friends and family members were able to secure it back to my hair with some hockey tape and what I believe was a shoe lace. :D 

I'm soooo in love with the fabric!
Coral bead necklace I made for a total of $5. The coral came from a little shop in Blowing Rock.
my great aunt's ring
And here is the original inspiration for me dress. I wish I could produce the original links and everything but I can't find that document. I have it somewhere. I do remember the dress was dated to the 1760's. 

Sorry if this seems scatterbrained. Maybe it is. But that's my dress!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bascha & I Lost Our Minds Somewhere In the 18th Century

My dears, I'm afraid Bascha and I have lost our sanity, never to have it returned. And as you might have guessed by the title, we've lost it in the 18th Century. Particularly that period between the late 1760's and the 1780's. I lost it first, in the 1760's and Bascha lost it in the 1780's :P. And you wanna know something? We really aren't bothered that much about it!

Here's what happened. Every year, Jessica (our friend that teaches ECD on Thursday nights) throws what is called the Homeschool Historical Ball. Now last year you may remember that the theme was the 40's and 50's (blogged) , and the year before was Regency (un-blogged). Well this years theme was "George Washington" and it was set in the 18th century. And Bascha and I had said this was the year we were going all out, and so we did. And we went all out and it was insane.  :D So there you have it! And 18th century ball we got to costume ourselves up for! And yes, I do have a ship in my hair, all the details will be in upcoming blog posts. :)

If you want to read the post full of exclamation points, it's on my personal blog, Tmarie. It has all the same pictures as in this post, and I think this blog will end up with waaaay more pictures but still ya know, there's the link if you want it :).

I'm still soooo tickled that we did this :D. And so tickled that I can FINALLY share pictures with ya'll, I know there has been a long silence on the blog but now you know why :D And now that we all have evening clothes I think it's about time we plan a 3rd trip to Williamsburg and meet Miss F and Samantha.........:D

And one more thing before I get on the the photos, I've got to link to Ruth. :D She's quite a seamstress and did a fantastic job on her dress and on her younger brother's costume. They both looked soooo good and it was fantastic to see them again :D. Thank you so much Ruthie for coming down to see us!!!!!! You are amazing!

L to R: Ann Marie, Caroline, myself, BASCHA, and Ruth
L to R: Grandma, mama, AM, Care, myself, Bascha :D, Ruth, and Mrs. Jacques
The "squad" L to R: Ben, Grandma, Dad, Mama, Caroline, Ann Marie, Joshua, myself, Joel, Bascha :D, Stephen, Ruth, Mrs. Jacques, Abe. Is it just me or does this photo remind you of a painting? Not any particular painting, just a painting in general.
my fam :) So blessed to have parents and siblings who will be crazy enough to do this with me :D 
Bascha, the blushing beauty that fell out of a portrait from the late 18th century, her dashing brother and her Mum :) 
Ruth and Ben looking all snazzed up :D
My mama looking gorgeous as ever :D She did the hair and wig styling for all of us :) Hair is her forte

my darling Ann Marie and her brother Joel. She looked so beautiful and I love her so much! :D

Again, biggest thanks to my parents who allowed us to be crazy and went crazy with us :D :D :D 

All the young gentlemen. 

Now there will be more photos to come. A blog on my new stays, a blog on our dresses probably individually, and the originals they were copied from, pictures from the ball photographer and of us getting ready, etc. But I hope this is enough to tide ya'll over with :D 

And in closing all I can say is Bascha, Bascha, Bascha.  She is probably the most talented individual I could name for you that I know. I could NEVER have done any my part of the costuming had it not been for her, and did you see her costumes?????!!!! Out of this world! Or rather century :P I love you Bascha! You're absolutely amazing and I still can't get over how good ya'll looked! :D

HIP HIP HOORAY for the #HHB2015 !!!!!!! :D :D :D 
~Theresa, a most excited seamstress