Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our First Roba a la Francaise

First up of all the gowns to be posted about specifically is my robe a la francaise. Here's the quick stats. 

Made the evening before the ball. Record time! (I had trimmed the petticoat before) Draped by Bascha, sewed by me. 10 yards of taffeta ordered off of eBay. Total cost $60. The most expensive thing I've ever made haha! (Thankfully Mom's dress cost $11, and Ann Marie's cost $2 so :D :D :D) Machine sewn. 

We didn't really encounter any problems during the draping or sewing of the dress, I'd say it went very smoothly actually. Which was awesome! :D And I am THRILLED with how the back pleats look, way better than I ever imagined! And I could feel it flow out behind me when I walked which was pretty fun too :). 

Yes there was a ship in my hair, it was a birthday present from my younger sister Caroline, painted by me. We had a "ship wreck" in the parking lot where it detached itself from the top of my head and smashed to the ground. Thankfully my wonderful friends and family members were able to secure it back to my hair with some hockey tape and what I believe was a shoe lace. :D 

I'm soooo in love with the fabric!
Coral bead necklace I made for a total of $5. The coral came from a little shop in Blowing Rock.
my great aunt's ring
And here is the original inspiration for me dress. I wish I could produce the original links and everything but I can't find that document. I have it somewhere. I do remember the dress was dated to the 1760's. 

Sorry if this seems scatterbrained. Maybe it is. But that's my dress!


  1. Oh my goodness! I didn't even realize how detailed the petticoat is!

    1. Haha yep, I tried to copy the original dress as much as I could :)

  2. Oh your dress is gorgeous! And you did it all the night before the ball? Great goodness gravy! You look lovely Theresa.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Thanks so much Brigid! Yes, the night before the ball. I made most of the petticoat already, but the dress went from fabric on a roll to a robe a la francaise in record time!