Monday, May 4, 2015

Simplicity 0260

My latest and quickest sewing project was a simple lightweight sweater for Ann Marie to wear to a 1940's reenactment this past weekend. Simplicity had recently gone on sale for a $1 :D, and 0260 was one of the patterns I picked up. Super easy, I'll be making this again!

On sewing notes....I left out several peices and didn't read the directions. I made view B, without the little bows. Don't get me wrong, I think the bows are adorable, it's just there weren't really what I thought AM would like so I left them off. There were also a few other peices, like the back facing, and some weird peice that I'm guessing went on the sleeve somewhere. And I lost the direction sheet, but thankfully it's a pretty basic shirt and I was able to figure it out :)  
Ann Marie loved the sweater :) And she didn't even realize I'd made it until the end of the day :D

and here we have some great photos of the sweater ;P photobombing boys lol
Total cost of the sweater: $1 for the pattern. 
Fabric used: light weight cotton sweater material from the stash
Notions: One hook and eye

Other: Suspender Skirt (here)
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  1. Noice. By the way.. do you no longer use your email??? :P I sent you a picture of the skirt I made! hahaha

    I love the sweater! It's super cute! And the colour is gorgeous on Ann Marie

    1. It is noice isn't it? :P Yes, I replied to it :) You should blog it! And thank you, she really is a beautiful young lady, inside and out!

  2. Oh what a most lovely sweater!! The color is so beautiful and where did you ever get the fabric before it ended up in the stash? I am so impressed!!

    1. It was a favorite peice of fabric I've been holding onto for a while. It was barely enough for the sweater, it's actually peiced across the back you can't tell it though thankfully! It was gifted to me by a friends deceased family member. It's a sad way of aquiring things, but that's how I come to have most of the fabrics and notions that I do O.o

  3. The sweater is beautiful! I never would have thought of making a sweater top from that pattern, but you are a genius for doing it Theresa!

    the Middle Sister and Singer