Monday, April 14, 2014

Historical Homeschool Ball: Group Photos Part 1

Has it truly been 3 months since we last posted anything??!! I feel absolutely awful just thinking about such a large time lapse. :/ I haven't gotten around to check blogs, to post, sew, or even email much, so I apologize lovelies! Hopefully I shall be feeling more "motivated"soon, but for now, here's some posts :).

Once a year, some friends of ours throw a ball, historical themed, and for homeschoolers.  Bascha and I were able to attend last year, and this year we've gone again- with extra friends! Every ball, they try to pick a new time period, so there's always variety, and you can come from different eras. You don't have to come historically dressed, or even to the era chosen, but it is encouraged. :) The Homeschool Historical Ball this year was themed for the 1940's and 50's so we decked out accordingly.

Miss Rhonda and mama were able to take some photo's before hand, of us all together, but I did not get any photos of the actual ball. (I only took the pictures of us girls individually, 'cept of course Bascha took the ones of me). My friend Olivia did though, and she has kindly let me post a few of them here. Thanks Olivia! (Doesn't she take good pictures? :)) We will post some more once Bascha goes through her camera, as well as the individual posts of each dress. So hang in there!

what I want to know, is how on earth did ya'll keep your eyes open for this both look so cute and then I'm like squinting so tight you can hardly see my eyes! :P
us girlies :) L to R, Ann Marie, Caroline, Bascha, me, Ruth
the lighting was awful....I cringed the whole time looking at these haha. :D

Three Teen Seamstresses!
Our fellows!  Aren't they handsome? And I just love Christopher's laughing face :)
L to R: Christopher, Abe, Joel, Joshua, Stephen

Originally we planned on frilly knickers/bloomers for under our gowns, but then decided it would make a funny picture to wear neon/patterned leggings. So we did :D


The boys spinning :P
My lovely grandma :D She had winged eyeliner too :)


Abe suffered greatly from allergies (my house is like pollen central :/), but was a great sport and made it through all the pictures!
This is probably my favorite picture-there we all are, dressed and ready, and Bascha and I are just grinning at each other like "we did it!" :) 

Olivia, photo by Megan Snyder
The "X formation" dance. Photo by Olivia Carlisle
photo by Olivia Carlisle
photo by Olivia Carlisle
Bascha and Christopher (love this shot!!) photo by Olivia Carlisle.
photo by Olivia Carlisle
Olivia! :) She looked so cute! Only sad part was she had a sprained ankle...waah. But she still had fun :) photo by Olivia Carlisle.


  1. LOVE THIS POST! LOL and.. why have I not received these pics to post??? LOL :P jk get them to me when you can though, please! :) You girls look so lovely!


  2. Thanks Ruth! You have not received these pictures because I am currently not connected to our server where the photos are located. I had to go clean my sewing area as I was putting them in an email, and thus was unable to send them to you. Dad is going down to restart the server now though, so you may get the pics tonight :). We did look pretty didn't we? (you included :D)

  3. I love this post too! Especially the photo where T and are grinning at each other :) Love you Theresa! But I love all the photos too. haha

    Hugs and love,