Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Miss Priss" and the Redbud Dress

Ann Marie is such a fun person :). And her dress is fun to--formal, but fun enough to suit her personality. Her "Miss Priss" personality. :P 

Once upon a time there was a very sweet young lady. She was not into fripperies and frapperies (coffee? lace? lace coffee? lol), but rather lived life in it's more natural state. Finding beauty in a natural curl, a flushed pink cheek, or a simple T-shirt. One day, she met the overpowering and bossy girl named Theresa, who had a certain civil war hairstyle in mind. She was forced into submission, her hair wound upon dozens of foam rollers, her poor head bruised 'til the morning light. Is it possible that this one change in appearance altered her personality? Indeed! When she awoke she proudly announced herself, "Miss Priss" and went that day shaking her ringlets and prancing too and fro. She kept repeating "I feel like Miss Priss", and overall was more subdued. Theresa immediately regretted curling the hair, though it did look spectacular. 

Was it only hair that could make this change? Well no! Types of footwear could alter the personality as well! Shoes that were pink, purple, or "fancy" would turn the sweet young lady into "Miss Priss." And so would skirts. Skirts of a lighter shade, or skirts with any type of lining. When donned, the sweet young lady would announce herself to be "Miss Priss." And act a wee bit disdainful of the items she was wearing. 

As time rolled on, the homeschool ball coming nearer and nearer, the sweet young lady was in dire need of a dress. It was to be a "Miss Priss" dress of course, for how else does one make a ballgown? The sweet young lady scrolled through hundreds of photographs of similar dresses, before pointing out a few she thought would be ok. She wanted white (a pure reflection of innocence), with perchance a bit of pink thrown in. Sadly, the fabric shop was lacking in the pink tulle department, and purple was chosen instead.  To add to the dress, purple ribbon bows, each with a studded bead center, and a glitter ribbon sash. The hair was done off the neck (both the sweet young lady and Miss Priss HATE having hair on their necks) and a thin line of make-up was applied to the eyes in a period fashion. A pair of pumps finished off the look.  We were all expecting "Miss Priss" to wear the Redbud dress-but instead our own dear Ann Marie wore it! And laughed and danced and acted completely relaxed. Now "Miss Priss" is used as a describing word for those acting a bit stuck up-or for something all dolled up. This is indeed, a Miss Priss dress, but we're calling it the Redbud dress since Ann Marie wore it :D.
(Redbuds are a type of tree that makes purple flowers)

In my opinion I could have added another petticoat. Still swished delightfully though!

I love you Ann Marie! 

Quick stats: fabric was a super lightweight silky satin, with chiffon overlay on the bodice. No patterns used, I draped and drafted it on Caroline. Worn over 2 petticoats.


  1. LOL was she different from the picnic?? didn't notice! lol so umm yeah lol pretty dress! :D I had so much fun with all of you.. and terrifying Anne Marie was too much fun! lol oh yes I forgot about freaking you out, T! lol that was the funniest! you almost fainted :P

    Love you!

    1. Yes, yes she was! SO much quieter! And then she got a headache....and was super super super quiet. And haha, I did not almost faint! I almost stepped on broken glass :P

    2. you did too! I told you that I asked him to and you freaked out, sat down on the ground, and buried your face in your skirt! LOL

  2. Lol I wished I could have seen your face Theresa! :D haha
    Ann Marie looked really cute in the dress you made, good job T!