Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ruth and Chrissy

Well, some of you may remember our post about the Civil War Picnic we had up in High Point several months ago. We had met this super talented and super fun girl named Ruth back then, and she and her sister Chrissy, came down to Charlotte to go to the ball with us!!! We were VERY excited 'bout that, and only regretted not getting to spend a lot of time with them. Hopefully next year their entire family can come and we can make a whole day of it, just hanging out and getting to know one another better. :) Ruth blogs over at Sewing Room Tales, and the pictures of Chrissy I stole from her blog, haha. :P Thanks Ruth!
Chrissy looking very cute! She was super bubbly and just full of happiness-a real pleasure to hang out with!
isn't her hair sweet?
and her make-up of course! I especially loved how they did the lipstick! bravo! :)
Ruth wore one of the cutest dresses I think I've ever seen! For one, it's a beautiful pinky colour, for two, it's tulle, for three it has a big bow on the front!!!, and for four it's on her, so duh, it's going to be cute :).  She is dating it to the late 1940's, or early 50's. Ruth did not use patterns, but rather drafted/draped it on herself. This girl has skills people!!

the bodice bow :)

she had such pretty make-up too. And the tulle clip in her hair tied everything in-ah-I loved your outfit Ruth!

I do think they enjoyed themselves, and we certainly enjoyed having them with us!! Thank you bunches girls for coming!!!!!!! (And isn't it fun to meet internet friends in real life? :D They can be awesome on the computer, but it's even better when you can interact in person :D)


  1. Didn't I comment on this one??? lol Well... then I will now :D Thanks for the compliment to my sewing skills! I was really scared I was gonna look shabby! lol :) lol Yes it is fun to meet internet people in real life! lol

    Love you girls!

    1. Shabby?!!! Ruth you have got to be kidding me! :-) you were FAR from shabby :-) . love you too!

  2. Oh, she's such a sweetheart... I wish I was nearer to you all!

    1. Yes she is. And I WISH YOU WERE TOO!!! :/ we'd have so much fun-reenactment sleepovers, sewing get togethers, fabric shopping trips-aah. It stinks we're all so far away. :/ But hey, at least we have the internet :D

  3. Your dress did look great Ruth! And it was the perfect color for you! :)

    Love yah!