Friday, November 1, 2013

The Picnic, Part I

Well today was our picnic!  We met at a little museum in High Point, called the High Point Museum, which we will for certain be returning to.  There are several restored buildings from various years of the 19th century, as well as pretty fences and steps, and last but not least,a museum building.  This place was fantastic!!!!!  And if you live near High Point, go there!  It's even free!

When we first arrived, the sky was dark, the air was humid, and there was a fairly strong wind.  A storm was brewing.  We were able to snap a few pictures, before we had to go inside because of the downpour.  It rained, like the whole time.  But-  the nice older ladies working the museum were OVERJOYED to see us! :D  They thought our picnic was absolutely fabulous, and offered us the lecture hall to use for our dinner.  We put the picnic blankets over the plastic tables and set our dishes out for tea. :)  It was really sweet!  

After we ate, we sat in chairs and listened to Ruth and Abe (Bascha's brother) play classical guitar, and then we sang together.  First we sang "Just Before the Battle Mother", and "Goober Peas", and then we moved on to hymns such as "Fairest Lord Jesus", "Come Thou Fount", "In the Garden", and "Be Thou My Vision."  Even though we all ended up singing soprano (Bascha is the only real soprano! :D), we had such a good time.  

The only serious incident was when Ann Marie came down with a migraine.  Ruth's mom ended up running out to a drug store to get medication for her, and she was quite sick for a while.  :(.  Other things to mention was eating too much in a corset (Ruth and I both had to go into the bathroom and get loosened up! :P,and that I wore my drawers inside out the whole day.  

It is going to take everything in me not to post 198 pictures in one post, but I won't.  This is Part I of our picnic pictures :).  I'll post some more tomorrow, and if needed, some on Sunday!
I did Ann Marie's hair all up in ringlets.  She's got naturally curly hair, and brushed it's kind of the frizzy type.  She complained all night about sleeping on them, but in the end we were all pleased with the result.  It looks just like the period photographs! :D

Caroline and Ann Marie
Ruth and Andrew
Ruth looking lovely in her very lovely wool dress

a close up of the embroidery on Ann Marie's (actually Care's) shirt.  We found this hand sewn hand embroidered blouse at the VV. :D
Caroline being sweet

I love this picture.

forgive any blurring in the pictures, the light wasn't quite right so we were trying to turn off the flash, which then didn't focus as well. :(.  
me and Andrew :D
me and Ruth fixing our skirts.  I do indeed need garters for my stockings.  They were a nuisance. 
Me and Ruth

Bascha's wool hat


  1. YAY sooo much fun! :D It was really great to meet you girls in real life! LOVED IT! You girls are so great! It was a ton of fun! :D

    Love ya'!

    1. Oh yes! :) You were wonderful over skype, but you're even better in person :D And you thought we would have lulls in conversation...ha! :D

    2. Aww thanks!

      I know, right? We had stuff to do the WHOLE time! And it was like... FIVE HOURS!!!!! WOW!

    3. 5 girls, we have plenty to talk about!! :D lol we should definitely do this again. The song we sang at the picnic, "Just Before the Battle, Mother", has been on all our minds! Last Saturday at Latta Ann-Maria played it on her viola and her brother Paul played it on the penny whistle. :) Abe and Paul sang it all day Saturday and my family and I sang it this morning. lol
      ""Farewell, Mother, you may never press me to your heart again. But, oh, you'll not forget me, mother, if I'm numbered with the slain."""

      So much fun! I'll post some photos when I get a chance. :)


  2. You all look absolutely darling! I'm glad that you all had a good time.

    1. Thank you! We felt darling too, which is half the fun :D Next time I think we'll bring out our whole families and do some dancing too.

    2. It was a ton of fun, maybe next time you can join us?! :D :D


  3. I like your blog!!! How fun you have together :-) I like the idea of such a picnic. And wonderful pictures. Keep blogging :-)