Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Picnic Part II

As promised, here is Part II. :D
Girl Group! 

goofing off

my skirt was...huge.  I had made it smaller, but the bones slipped and went large this morning in the car.  I didn't bother about it though.  I think I might have to cut the steel....:O
Isn't Bascha's new dress gorgeous?  She will probably do a post on it, but I just have to say-wow! And she sewed ALL NIGHT.  Most people would call her crazy, but I thought it was really sweet, because she cared so much for us and the picnic she sewed all night so she would have something pretty to wear. :D.  Her work payed off though, the dress is beautiful, and she looks beautiful in it. And we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I really like her buttons :)

have you ever seen such a pretty loading dock?

Ann Marie



  1. Oh I love the ivy ones! :D They're the prettiest I think! :D OMG that poor guy! he must've been weirded out, remember, when we were in a line? :D lol That was so funny! The whole picnic was REALLY AWESOME! :D

    Ruth ♥

  2. I love Bascha's dress. It's beautiful! ♥ I wish I could sew like you do... Amazing! Admire your skills.

    1. Thank you Marie Louise for such a sweet comment!! The dress still needs a little bit of work, I just ran out of time. :P Do you quilt?