Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Love Half Boots (my first attempt at shoe making! :D)

I know it seems like I've only got small things going on, but they are still a sewing/reenacting necessity.  My last project (just finished today!) was a pair of Regency half boots. They were made of silk, leather, and even linen during the 1800's, but mine are made from faux suede.  I got it for free from a friend of Bascha's, and it seemed pretty durable.  I'll be wearing them in the Latta house and cabins.  

This was one time I didn't make a tutorial of how I made something.....and then last night I had a friend tell me she couldn't wait to see how I made these so she could make them herself.  Bummer.  If you want to know the details just send me an email and I'll do my best to explain :).
I've put green laces for now, though I'm going to put brown ones just as soon as I get out to the store :)

these were my favorite boots, thus my wanting that color brown laces.  They were also the only ones I found that did not lace completely shut, and mine don't lace shut either.
I thought the bows would be a little corny, but they turned out ok :) They are silk.
Ankle Boot, 1815 | Museum of London
the inspiration for my silk bows
inside of the boot
toe and tongue of the boot before the bows were attached
for the eyelets I just punched out holes and sealed it off with nail-polish.  I finished off some other fraying parts with nail polish as well....:)
There's my bootsies, and now I'm off to eat a Thanksgiving dinner :) Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. KK so i tried to post a comment the other day, but it didn't work... here we go! LOL

    WOW, Theresa! That is AWESOME! I wish I could make my own boots!:D BEAUTIFUL job! :D (but you DID cheat somewhat ;)) I wish they could be just a tadbit smoother... but they are still lovely! :D



    1. thanks Ruth! I plan on making a second pair as well....out of stiffer fabric. It feels like I"m not wearing shoes at all....:) which is nice since I'm not particular to wearing shoes :D, but I think I want something more...shoe like. Also, the toes did not stay round...they kind of molded to my foot really quick. :P I think if i use stiffer fabric they will hold up more on their own. And yes, I did cheat a little :O.

    2. Yup I noticed they molded to your feet... Just didn't want to look like a critic! LOL Good job though! :)

    3. you're fine! ha! :) Feel free to share whatever you want :D