Monday, September 22, 2014

If you remember, earlier this year we blogged about the 1950's themed home school historical ball. It's a ball held every April, and we've attended two years in a row now. Last year we had the privilege of having Ruth and her sis and mum, and this year we will have one of her brothers :).  Just recently it was announced to us that the ball of April 2015 will be themed for the 18th Century, and we are beyond thrilled. And since we have a head start knowing the time period, we've all been planning and sewing! First project done is a basic shirt for my Dad. I will be making, um, 3 or 4 more for the other boys.

The shirt was SO easy. I could have finished it in an evening had I not lost my white thread. It ended up taking me about a week. Here's the link to the pattern I used. Or the instructions rather, since you don't really need a pattern to construct this shirt. It's made of a very fine lightweight cotton with a lovely drape, but not so drapey as to diminish the voluminous sleeves. I will be adding a stock? (The ruffly thing that fastens about the neck), and some fine lace to the sleeve cuffs at a later date.

sleeve cuff
underarm gusset
I put this a little lower than it was supposed to go I think, but it's a very pretty heart re-enforcement. 
neck gusset
back of shirt
And the hem was a selvage! beautiful :)
And my Edwardian corset lacks only the grommets. I have to make a trip out to Gastonia to get them, so it might be a little longer before that happens. 


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