Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vintage Inspired Summer Dress

Just a little blurb here, the dress is not historical, made only for modern wear. But it's still cute and I like it, and thought you might want to see it :).

Stats: Around 4 yards of sheer red cotton, bought for a regency dress that never got made. Lined with sturdy white cotton sheets. 6 buttons. Draped. Side zipper.
I thought I'd try and join the bandwagon of adding pretty fonts to photos. Yay or nay? What would ya'll think if I started doing this? 

I feel very Edwardian for some reason....
cloth covered buttons
there are three 1/4 inch tucks on each side of the bodice front, and on the skirt

I lightened this photo so you could see the checks in the fabric that are lost in most of these photos. It really is a lovely fabric!
top stitching on the waistband

the box pleats
These were the main pictures I used for inspiration. (via Pinterest)
the diagonal tucks
one of many box pleated frocks. I also box pleated because that's good for spoon body shapes, or so I read. Seems good to me :)
the darling peter pan collars
and a sweet dress with cloth covered buttons
I think I'll be wearing this dress a lot this summer. It's airy, well fitted, and definitely has a vintage feel to it.



  1. That is such a pretty dress Theresa! You are so talented in the draping that you do to make your dresses! One of these days I am going to venture out and just do it myself!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Thank you Brigid! You really should try draping- its fun and pretty easy too. You're quite a talented seamstress yourself! :-)

  3. Wow, I love the color! I also vote yea for the fonts. Way cool.

    1. Yes, I love bright red :) I think the fonts are cool too....It's just I've seen lots of other people using them and I don't want to be all "copy copy" if you know what I mean :P But I do like them :) I'll use them though i think.

  4. Beautiful! I liked that dress :-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is adorable and I want one, too! Beautifully done!