Monday, July 28, 2014

Truly Victorian's Edwardian Hip Pad

So I'm in the midst of making an Edwardian ensemble, and of course one must start with the undergarments. And I'm going to try to take photos of how I make everything.  You can use it how you like, as a tutorial, or just to follow what I did or whatever. I happen to like reading posts where there are step by step pictures for something I'm making, and even if I don't exactly follow how they made their item when I make mine, I still find it useful to see how it was done. I'm starting with the hip and bust padding since that's the easiest, and I'm lazy. :P Without further ado, here goes.

Note here: I added eyelet trim, this was not mentioned at all on the instructions. Basically you could just sew the pad and omit the trim. I just thought it would be cute.
pick your size (check the pattern envelope)
cut out two of your pattern
If you are adding trim, pin it down to the right side of ONE of your peices
trim pinned down

baste trim
pin both sides of hip pad, right sides together, trim on inside.
trim and clip curve
inside out
iron seam
mark dotted line on your fabric. The shorter dotted lines must be shortened to you size. (Red lines put to show where shortened lines should be)
marking lines
Sew the marked lines. They are the "quilted" part of your hip pad
stuff the pockets you just made by stitching the lines
stuffed medium/firm
Sew the edge shut (this part is a little tricky)
I stitched bias tape over the raw edges
Then I whip-stitched it for added durability
Then I sewed bias tape over that, extending it past the edges of the pad long enough to tie about the waist.

So that's it for the hip pad. I'll probably wear it under RevWar and CW too.


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