Sunday, July 21, 2013

Striped Calico~A Photoshoot

Caroline's best dress got finished up yesterday afternoon :D.  She made the buttonholes and attached all the buttons-these were her first buttonholes.  Yay Caroline! :)  I don't have any pictures of the construction of this dress, but I did take some photos of the finished product.  

For this dress I didn't use a particular pattern.  I draped part of the bodice, and drafted part of it.  My only real problem was that I made the waistband too small (and then ran out of fabric), so instead of the stripes going from the waist out, they get more spread from the neck down. But that's ok.  She's actually not wearing her corset with the dress in these pictures....she didn't feel good laced that tight, so I pulled and pushed with out it to get the hooks and eyes at the waistband to meet with out it.  

I had planned on piping the armholes, the back seams, and the waistband, but in the end only the waistband is piped.  I had piping made for the others, but it was too late by the time I realized I had forgotten to pipe the other seams.  oops.  Well I'll pipe the next dress! 

she said don't look close at the buttonholes...:P (I really think she did a good
job, especially these being her first!

piped waistband

Here you can see the 2 large tucks at the bottom

she's wearing my civil war earrings....not sure about their authenticity,
but that's what I wear anyways :P
And as a bonus, Andrew was so cute in the hoopskirt! :)
he really enjoyed playing peek-a-boo under it too ;)
Overall, it's a pretty good fit, and more accurate than her last one.  I'm glad it's done in time for her to wear it to a girls academy camp she's helping with next week at Latta.  What do ya'll think of the dress?


  1. Wonderful job, Theresa! Your sewing is beautiful and that color and pattern is lovely on her! :) Sorry for deleting the last reply it was just like this one, but I forgot to say that the color was pretty! LOL

  2. Thank you! She does look good in blue, and it's her favorite color:). We got this fabric at a garage sale for like 25 cents! She already had two civil war outfits, but she begged so hard for a "nice" dress I just had to make her one. (and you can comment more than once if you biggie! :P)

  3. what a sweet dress!! i LOVE the yoked bodice. one of my favorite styles, and you've done it so well!

  4. I absolutely love this dress!!! <3 I looks really good on Caroline and the photos have excellent lighting! <3 Beautiful job Theresa!


  5. Oh thank you so much Samantha! Btw, you totally made my day when I saw that you were following the blog-thank you! :)