Monday, July 1, 2013

Civil War Clothes for Andrew

To be honest, I don't have much of an idea as to what little children wore under their clothes during the civil war.  But, I know that little children in the 18th and early 19th century wore shifts either under their gowns, or plain, and I know that everyone else during the Civil War wore drawers, chemises and or undershirts.  So, it would make sense that little kids would have too.  I know that for practicality, children's clothes had tucks and drawstrings.  And this info (along with a little bit more research :)) caused me to make my 1 year old brother Andrew, some clothes (and underclothes).  

I made him a couple outfits because I had been planning on us going to Gettysburg this summer for the 150th.  But I ran into a few complications in the getting us there part, so I never registered....and so we didn't make it.  But Andrew has the clothes, and a few days ago I decided it was about time he had some pictures of them.  If you think he looks angelic, (well he is :P) he had just woken up from a nap and was in a pleasant daze.  

This white "outfit" is his underthings.  For the drawers, I laid out a pair of his little sweatpants as a pattern and traced around them on the fabric.  They have a drawstring waist, and a tuck at the bottom of each leg.  I had so much fun sewing all his clothes-the openings were too small for the sewing machine so I hand-sewed most of it :)  The shirt was made by measuring his middle and his length, and then just drawing and cutting until it was the shape and size I wanted.  The sleeves are not separate but part of the body, similar to how the boys shoulders on their shirts are.  (I picture an 18th century bed-gown sleeve)
hey, come pick me back up!

what do you mean you aren't going to pick
me up?


from the back
 This little blue tunic I made after looking through some photographs of little boys in the 1860's.  The neck is more of a boat neck than a round neck, which I saw was popular for young children.  The sleeves are ruffled drop shoulder sleeves.  I put two tucks at the hem more for decoration than for use because I ran out of fabric. (they are little tucks)

drawstring back

 This little tunic is by far my favorite.  He looks so cute in it!  Mrs. Clark recommended in an article she wrote, to make boys clothes out of plaid, and more boy-ish prints if the Father was upset that people would think the son was a girl.  My dad freaked out when Mom and Caroline and I took Andrew to Williamsburg in a full gown and cap and stuff.  I thought I'd make a better effort this time :P.  My inspiration was these two button front tunics that Sarah made.  So what I did was draw out the shape on the fabric, draw out the sleeve shapes, and then cut it out and sew it.  I trimmed it with gray bias tape around the hem, the neck, and where the buttons are.  I used shell buttons.

(this tunic is his favorite too :P)

the welcoming arms he ran to when he decided he was finished
Mama said I can take him to our next Civil War thing at Latta this July :D.  But that means no shorter skirts for me....:O oh well.  He's worth it :D


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