Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thrift Store Finds!!

Today was 1/2 off day at Value Village (the last Wednesday of every month) and we usually hit other thrift stores while we are out and about. Theresa told me about Value Village (VV) 1/2 off day and I do not believe we have missed the day since she told us.  We usually meet up there and shop together, searching for PC shoes, dresses, skirts, and sheets for material. Fun times!  I had to get photos of the things I bought at the different thrift stores and show the whole world!! :D

So first of all I found this crotchet reticule at the Salvation Army, cost $1.  I'm thinking Regency or Civil War? :D  There are such tiny stitches. ;P

Close ups of the crotchet flower in the middle and the trim.

At the checkout line in Value Village I found these two pearl necklaces, cost $0.40 each!  Rev War and Regency.  They are almost the same, except for the middle jewel and pearl. :P

Necklace #1

Necklace #2

Now this necklace I found at Value Village the last time I was there, cost $1.  Regency and Rev War for formal wear.

A wooden bowl to use while cooking at Latta, cost $1.75.  It is a little ruff on the inside, I am going to ask Abe if he will sand it down a bit for me. :P 


And last but not least I found this hat at Goodwill, cost c. $1.00. I love it!!!! :D  Look familiar Theresa? 
There is just a little tear in the top right though, I'm just going to sew it together and I think it will be just fine.. (crossed fingers) :P  I have so many ideas flying in my head for it I just don't know what I am going to do! :D

 It is 100% straw, so I can reshape it if I need to.

I am so excited with all my finds!! 
I had better get going LOTS of sewing and things to be done! ;)  I'll keep you posted!



  1. Oh you are so lucky, Bascha! I wish my thrift store had great finds like that! LOVE the hat!

  2. I have been searching for one of those hats for a while now, since Theresa's mom found one months ago. :P I was so excited when I found it!! Just keep searching Ruth! :)

  3. Yeah xD I will dont worry! I keep looking for anything period every time I go! Thanks xD