Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Quilted Sunbonnet

I must admit I thought slat/corded/quilted bonnets were some of the ugliest things I'd ever seen.  I thought they just looked so odd...and not pretty at all!  (I used to think Toms shoes were ugly too, until I got a few pairs :P).  But this was only until I got the sewing urge to make one...and then they just seemed lovely.  :)
At first I had planned on making a bonnet from this fabric for my little sister's bff, but the bff thinks that these bonnets are ugly still, and after I'd made it I just had to keep it for myself. :P I'm horrible about things like that!  I'm currently in the midst of making another bonnet like this out of a blue and white gingham curtain for Caroline. 
This fabric is a $2 curtain I bought at the VV, the function ties are 1/4 inch cotton twill tape, and the batting was from my cousin's deceased grandmother.  I'm not sure if the batting is cotton or not :?.  As for a pattern, I followed Ms. Sarah's instructions in her tutorial she's put on her blog.  It did take a whole day just about though. 
side view

neckline piping


more quilting :)


Caroline being sweet and modeling for me.  She'll be wearing this bonnet tomorrow and Thursday
during a Civil War girls camp she's working at, unless I hurry up and finish hers :).

Overall I'm very happy with this bonnet and the pattern.  It was very easy to understand and construct, and I think the finished result is quite nice.  So what I'm really saying is I love this bonnet! :D  And it will be good to have when doing a more working class impression, especially if I'm outside most of the time.   So yay!  Now back to the sewing area to sew up another one!



  1. WOW! I didn't see the piping on the SA! I REALLY don't have the patience lol! So pretty and she's such a sweet little sister to model for you. :D

  2. This is absolutely darling! I love how neat the diamonds are.

  3. Thank you to both of you! Yes she is a sweet little sister :). I just finished her bonnet and will be posting pictures of it shortly. I love the diamonds too, and they are neat because I used my presser foot as a guide :).

  4. I love those bonnets! They are so nice made, you have a gift for this, Theresa :-) Look forward to see some of your quilts after a while! They will look great :-) (as usual...)

  5. Thank you Marie! I don't know if my quilts would ever look as nice as yours :).