Monday, December 16, 2013

No!!!! They'll BURN!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

I showed you a picture of my pattern organization system when I showed you my sewing room.  Nice, right? All neat and tidy. You would think that because of this, my patterns would be smooth and usable.  But-I do stash them into bags if I'm traveling, and I accidentally leave them out sometimes, or when the kids clean up down stairs, if I've left them out, the poor patterns get crammed into drawers.   Thus, they are no longer smooth. Even if I did always keep them in perfect order, the'd be creased.

So what I'm saying is-I've got some wrinkled patterns that I still want to use.  I need them now, and don't have time to say, press them under a stack of books.  What to do?  What to do? Iron them baby, iron them.

Here's what I do when my patterns get mussy.  They don't burn up, sorry if the title of this post deceived you :P To begin set the iron to low.  When it's hot, then begin ironing your pattern in quick even strokes.  Continue ironing until the pattern is smooth.
I love my really really old iron :)  When ironing patterns I set the heat a little hotter than low.
the patterns can be even more wrinkled than this...or less wrinkled. 
half ironed, half un-ironed
all done
So don't be scared of doing this's really a quick and easy fix. :)


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